Your eWallet is available at the following link: my wallet. This is a personal area where you can manage your money out of our PAMM, such as your transfers from and to your bank but also between your FXOpen accounts (trading accounts, investment accounts, etc).

Once your funds have been moved from your investment account to our PAMM through the link that we have provided, they are not visible in your eWallet anymore. So, you are now welcome to connect using the same credentials to the trading monitoring, where you will see a chart with four tabs (Gain, Equity, Profit, Net Assignment). Data is updated everyday at 6:00 PM in London (except on weekends). Gain shows the return of the strategy itself while Equity reflects the available funds, which actually is: Profit-Fees+Net Assignment (Deposits-Withdrawals).

If you need any help from FXOpen, please click here.

A PAMM is an allocation tool which allows us to share a transaction profit/loss between all of our investors in proportion of their deposit. To learn more about the way these technologies work, please contact us.

The rollover occurs every day at 7:59 PM “server time” in our case, or generally 5:59 PM in London.
At this moment, open positions are “rolled” from a 24 hours trade session to another. Rolling a position on a cash market is a ghost transaction, automatically done by the broker, which records the PnL of each trading day by splitting the trades in several parts (24 hours maximum). It is also at this time that all the last requested fund transfers are executed (deposits, partial or all funds withdrawals) and that the due fees are charged.

All the information on mysatelysfx.fxopen.com.au and satelysfx.fxopen.com.au, statements included, are based on the same time zone, at which FXOpen servers work. 7:59 PM server time is generally 5:59 PM in London.

The EOTI is the date when the performance fee is calculated, which occurs every four weeks from the day you have joined the PAMM. So if you have joined on Monday the 24th of August for example, your performance will be calculated and the potential fees will be charged at rollover time of Mondays 21/09, 19/10, 16/11, 14/12, 11/01, etc. At each EOTI, a summary of the PAMM activity during the last interval is sent to your email address (more details here). To check when your next EOTI is planned, please log in here. You can see it in the table under the main chart.

To see your trading reports, please log in here and click on Statements on the bottom right under the main chart. Your statements show the details of all transactions with a 24 hours delay. Numbers are expressed in your base currency. These documents are never sent by email, however you can download them on your device in order to save your own copy.

This is our maintenance fee (2% per year). It is charged on a daily basis from Monday to Friday (approx. 1/260 of 2% everyday).

The high water mark method is a calculation of the performance fee, which is commonly used in the hedge fund industry. It prevents charging twice an investor on the same range of profit. To better understand how it works, please click here.

Deposits and withdrawals are simple. To make a deposit, click here. To request a withdrawal, click here.

Yes, this is actually specific to Australia. The Beneficiary's account number can actually be split in two parts. The six first figures are the BSB Code (062000). The next eight figures are the account number, which can vary according to your base currency.

Our strategy always adjusts its transaction sizes according to your available funds (equity). So if you do not withdraw your profit, it will be automatically reinvested.

As a reminder, in your Investor dashboard, your Net Assignment shows your deposits minus your withdrawals while your Equity reflects your Profit minus fees plus your Net Assignment.

First of all, we recommend to allow some time to track the way we work and see if it matches your profile/needs and makes you feel confident.
Then, to avoid cutting your return on the long run, we recommend to act in a non-intuitive way, increasing your investment during drawdowns and withdrawing profit or staying patient during upswings.
Another option is to make a deposit on a regular basis, for example every three months, to be sure that your action is not motivated by any human overreaction.
On the other hand, nor the best alternative strategies, neither the greatest hits of Wall Street can bring you strong results if you keep increasing your capital on tops and requesting withdrawals during equity drawdowns.

To automatically withdraw your profit at your next EOTI, please follow the steps by clicking here.

You can obviously get off our trading at anytime. All you need is to contact us directly or to request a withdrawal by clicking here.