New Deposit

If you are happy with our performance, you can obviously increase your investment by following the few steps below :

1- Please go to your eWallet by clicking here.

2- To fund your Investment account, please click on Add Funds > Wire Transfer (to National Australia Bank Limited) or SEPA EUR (via AWSL), fill the form by selecting Investment and not Main, then generate the invoice which will give you the details to make a transfer from your bank to FXOpen.

3- Once your deposit is credited to your Investment account (generally under 24 to 48 hours), please go to your Investor dashboard by clicking here.

4- Under the main chart, click on Assign.

5- Enter the additional amount that you wish to invest and the execution date, then click on Assign Funds. Your funds will be transferred from your Investment account to Satelys PAMM at the rollover of the selected date.

WARNING: Please remember that in order to avoid cutting your return on the long run, we recommend to act in a non-intuitive way, increasing your investment during drawdowns rather than after a new top of your capital.