End of Trading Interval

At each End of Trading Interval (EOTI*), FXOpen sends you an email which summarizes the PAMM activity during the last four weeks interval. If you don’t get it, please check in your spam folder and add noreply@fxopen.com to your list of approved senders.

Start Balance: Your equity at the beginning of the interval, four weeks ago.

New Balance: Your equity net of all fees at last rollover, floating profit/loss included – it will become the new Start Balance in the new report (four weeks later).

Profit: Your profit net of all fees (New Balance-Start Balance).

Performance Fee: The fee related to the performance made during the last interval of four weeks (charged at the EOTI rollover and already deducted from net New Balance and Profit above).

Master Commission: Summary of our maintenance fee, which has been charged on a daily basis during the four past weeks (deducted from net New Balance and Profit above).

*The EOTI is the date when the performance fee is calculated, which occurs every four weeks from the day you have joined the PAMM. So if you have joined on Monday the 24th of August for example, your performance will be calculated and the potential fees will be charged at rollover time of Mondays 21/09, 19/10, 16/11, 14/12, 11/01, etc. To check when your next EOTI is planned, please log in here. You can see it in the table under the main chart.