Following the end of the banking monopoly on foreign exchange and payment services, approved by the European directive of 2009, we are now able to offer you alternative offers with a more attractive price and a much better customer relationship (personal adviser from 730 am to 630 pm in London).

Built for SMEs and private investors, the services presented below are available in 140 currencies, either via our partner’s trading room or online platform (24 hr a day):

  • Currency exchange : Convert your funds into the currency of your choice at a more attractive rate than what is offered by your bank. Exchange rate mentioned before validation. Commission 0% (spread compensation only). Same day deliver.
  • International payments : Pay your suppliers in their local currency and/or collect payments from your foreign customers in the currency of your choice. No subscription or account maintenance fees.
  • Hedging concerns : Protect your trading margins from currency market fluctuations with the help of a dedicated expert who studies with you the particularities of your business. Customized service among a panel of several products (spot transactions, limit orders, standard or flexible futures contracts, options, NDFs, etc.). No deposit on hedging operations.
  • Flexible line of credit up to 1M euros : Pay your suppliers by optimizing your cash flow. No setup or maintenance fees.

In terms of financial guarantees, a fundamental concern of our sector, our clients’ funds are deposited with Barclays in Paris on segregated accounts. Our partners in the execution of transactions are financial institutions regulated by the Banque de France and the British FCA, which impose strict rules on capital, customer protection and risk management.

For more information, please contact us by phone at +44 203 445 5157 or by email at