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We exclusively work with our own brokers. As independent asset managers, we aim to build a solid track record on the long run and controlling our execution is a key part of our strategies, especially because FX is an OTC market. We want to offer the best possible performance to final investors and we will not work with a broker that we haven't previously built a strong relationship with. Learn more about brokers...

Our main broker is FXOpen AU. But because our service has been successful in the past few years, we are also working with several other brokers and the choice will mostly depend on your profile and on your country of residence. Please contact us at +44 203 445 5157 if you wish to discuss it.

The base currency is the currency related to your initial deposit. Your funds will be kept in this currency by the custodian bank. The following base currencies are accepted: EUR, USD, GBP or CHF.

This is important to invest in the base currency related to your current expenses, or your capital would face an extra FX exposure.

Technically yes you can. However, such a decision will cause you an extra FX exposure in addition to Satelys' trading.

Example: You invest EUR 100k in dollars, or USD 110k for a EUR/USD FX rate of 1.10. Our strategy makes a net performance of 25% after a year but EUR has actually  recovered in the meantime and is now 10% more expensive (FX rate = 1.21). Your initial capital has increased from USD 110k to USD 137.5k but from EUR 100k to only EUR 113.6k (137.5/1.21). In addition, the performance fee is always based on the results of the strategy itself, which is the performance made in your based currency.

Yes we work with brokers who accept customers from Belgium. The FSMA bans advertising and campaigns in Belgium, however an investor who makes himself the decision to open an account  should not be discriminated by any broker. Learn more...

This is really important for us ton control our asset under management and such a concern is not compatible with disclosing our transactions in real time to any of our investors or partners. Indeed we could easily be copied, which would affect the available liquidity on the market. Nevertheless, as an investor, you benefit from an online access where you are able to follow the evolution of your equity and to see your statements on a daily basis.

We charge a maintenance fee of 2% per year (0.167% per month) and a performance fee of 20%. The performance fee is calculated based on the standard high water mark method, which means that a potential loss must always be compensated first before a new performance fee can occur.

Our fees are usually the same for all investors, but we can offer a discount in case you would introduce other customers by affiliation.

We can decrease your fees in case you would introduce other investors, however we think that someone who is not already a customer is not legitimate to talk about our trading.

As we target qualified investors, the minimum investment is:

  • EUR 100,000 (or equivalent) for individuals
  • EUR 500,000 (or equivalent) for professionals

Yes. Although we do not recommend to invest for less than 12 months, the managed account can only be opened under your name and part or all of it is always available by a simple bank transfer. Such a process can be carried out independently by any client through his personal space on the website of our broker.

As our algorithms have been built to trade FX only, our profit is exclusively made on currency fluctuations and our results are not correlated to any stock index. We consequently offer a great financial diversification vehicle to our investors, as it has been obvious in March 2020 for instance.


We are not experts in fiscal concerns but the policy is really different from a country to another. As a result, we recommend you to solicit further advices from competent professionals in order to be in line with the rules in your country of residence.

Satelys was founded in 2006. We have been managing accounts on behalf of individual and corporate investors since the 7th of July 2006. Since 2019, our scope has been expanding to institutionals.

We always focus on the stability by working with drawdowns which are as low as we can. In 2019 for example, our downswings were below 5% of aum during more than 75% of time while we reached a 10% drawdown only 3 times along the year. In 2020, the markets are generally more nervous (volatility peak since 2008), we have experienced larger drawdowns. However, these events are always due to transitory manipulations (flash crash, stop hunting, option barrier triggering, etc) and have no consequences on our long-term performance (see 2020 summary). On a scale from 1 to 7, the risk involved in our strategy is 6. As a result, be sure to be comfortable with that kind of volatility before joining our investors.

Our track record is available on request. On our website, we only show the performance of the strategy which has been running since June 2018. Even if it embodies the achievement of many years of research, its figures in terms of return and stability are above our expectations so far.


First of all, you are right, the best and the worst can be found online and you should never invest your money on a website.

Satelys was founded in 2006 by Mathieu Burbau, a British resident who is registered with the FCA, the local financial regulator. Our office is located in the City of London and you are welcome to make an appointment to visit us.

Our managed accounts show stable live performance, which are audited by third-party tracking tools and an ISIN code. The minimum deposit is 100k EUR to target qualified investors and our revenues are proportional to our customers' performance.

We also work with several institutional investors and family offices while we have written 1000+ articles and strategies on in about 10 years.

Among all our activities, our website is an additional support made to give more information to people who previously met us or who are interested in our background, but also to share our live performance on the market or to facilitate the administration procedures of our customers.

To get more information and/or to open an account, feel free to ask our brochure at or click here.

Risk Warning: Margin trading is highly speculative and may not be suitable for all investors. Please be sure you understand the risks and only invest what you can afford to lose. Request an additional opinion if necessary. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.