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Advices, forecasts, trading and hedging on currency market

Margin trading is highly speculative and may not be suitable for all investors


Since almost 13 years, our trading activity has been focus on Foreign Exchange, which is today our expertise field.

Our traders benefit from a direct access to the interbank market (SPOT FX) and a full anonymity. To avoid the risk of conflict of interest, we never trade CFD, which are almost always priced by the counterparty.

Finally, in order to optimize liquidity depth and transactions costs, we focus on 8 major currencies and the 28 possible pairs between them :

EUR : Euro

USD : US Dollar

JPY : Japanese Yen

GBP : British Pound

CHF : Swiss Franc

CAD : Canadian Dollar

AUD : Australian Dollar

NZD : New-Zealand Dollar


Knowledge, strictness and experience allow us to produce even more sophisticated strategies over the years, resulting from the combination of three complementary approaches:

Fundamental Analysis

  • What is the economic and geopolitical context ?
  • What is the forward guidance of the main central banks ?

Behavioural Analysis

  • What is the volume of buyers and sellers in position on the market ?
  • What is the volume of investors in and out of position on the market, compare to the average ?
  • Where is the liquidity ? The market makers business model requests to deal a maximum of volume, what naturally attracts prices to specific zones where a large activity is expected.
    Note : Although we understand and benefit from these recurrent behaviour, we store all our orders in our own servers, in order to hide our intentions in terms of entry/exit points.

Technical analysis: what is the best timing to enter/exit the market ? Insufficient to support a robust trading strategy on its own, the technical approach is useful to optimize timing. We are not addicted to popular indicators but we always focus on the powerful concepts of footprint and volume profile.



Our customers funds are kept by Barclays Bank in London UK on segregated accounts. Nobody but you is allowed to move money from your account, which is the best capital protection you can expect in case of the bankruptcy of any company involved in trading operations.


To better protect our investors, we also operate in a strictly regulated MiFID compliant framework. As we are affiliate to regulated asset management companies, our customers are asked to sign a mandate specifying the risk limits which are allowed in our trading activity. Moreover, we assist other money managers in starting their business in the right legal environment.


Our experience on currency market, our financial skills and our methodical approach allow us to generate consistent profits over the years, while we always control the investors deposits volatility by a strict risk management. After a solid year in 2017, Satelys achieved the best annual start in its history, recording a great performance over the first days of 2018. To see a summary of our recent performance, please click here.


Our customers get a daily statement by email showing closed transactions, open trades and a summary of their investment's evolution.


Although we advise a minimum investment period of 2 years, in order to better evaluate the potential of our trading on the long run, your equity remains available anytime and you can withdraw all or part of your funds by simply filling a form and requesting a transfer from Barclays to your regular bank account.


Aware of the trust shown by our existing customers who have chosen us to manage their account, we care of being blameless in our relationship with them. As a result, all requests are processed in a maximum delay of 24 hours.

To get more information and/or to open an account, feel free to ask our brochure at or contact us by phone at +44 203 445 5155.

IMPORTANT : To be accepted and benefit from our performances, your account must show a minimum equity of 50k EUR or equivalent.

Risk Warning : Margin trading is highly speculative and may not be suitable for all investors. Please be sure you understand the risks and only invest what you can afford to lose. Request an additional opinion if necessary.